Swimming like a little fishy.

This morning I come to you with a blog about swimming. Now any of those who know me will know that I have a pretty obsessive obsession with swimming pools. I just love them basically, that is all there is to it. It is the first thing I will install into my multimillion pound house ten years from now, even before the beds. Who needs beds when you can have Lilos. 

Well anyway, last night I went to the cavendish hotel with my mother goosey to have a posh totty meal, that actually cost us half the price because we are clever little arnell-cullens like that. I was explaining to Nessie (thats my mum) about how I felt a little bad as I told my personal trainer I had been swimming for half an hour, when in fact I had actually just been star fishing. This is when I realised, I actually have invented a new swim. Yes, I’m not just a singer you know. 

Now I need everyone to try this at home. It Kinda involves, you floating in the starfish position and alternatively flapping your arms out sideways then your legs. You really can get quite a good speed going. but its most peaceful. Its like breast stroke„, but on your back. My mother thinks the life guards must have a right laugh when I’m in the pool. 

You wait, it will be in the Olympics in no time.

L xo

all through my teenage righteousness
i miss you most
and missing you, really has no purpose
but i still do it
― laurel - Memorial