Dry blood make fun of me, when I cry myself to sleep to sleep at night 

didn’t take you long to find somebody else


I live in a portrait of my own 

I sing in the mornings, and at night 
and sometimes in the day, and in my sleep, 
and while I shower, when I’m sad, and tears are all I have 
inside my soul. 
You called for me
You saw dreaming in my eyes 
You all said I was the one. 
The one that they would want 
The one, you all would want. 
the one who could be best. 
I didn’t need the best, 
perhaps just a little better than the rest 
maybe thats why I have always felt alone. 
Just a little.
Stars hang around my shoulders. 
sometimes they feel heavy
they tell me they are cold and sometimes I whisper to them 
that I am sad.
Even when I am full floating in the clearest of the skies 
the world can only see half of who I am. 
and half of who I am supposed to be
The rest of the world has always looked so far away.
Craters plucked through my wholesome body, eat out my middle 
But I am not to be eaten 
I am not to be enjoyed 
I am to be loved. 
But not by everyone 
Just by someone 
is it so wrong to crave the hearts of others?
is it wrong to want the worship of their hands.
Sometimes I am crescent, just for them 
I know they like it so. 
I can see the reflection of myself in their eyes
as they glare at me through telescopic looking glasses.
awaiting my every flinch 
asking for my every breathing detail.
I, like some god who beckons sweet wishes from the sky 
Strike lightning, whilst I stroke the thunderous lips of the far away planets 
that hide in the corners of the universe 
so far you could never reach them.
So far, that sometimes i am not sure they are even there.
Darker still they laugh in clouds of candy kisses 
and make you smile, bigger grins of infamous joy 
until you are a slither of cheese.
Since when was I made from anything but myself? 
Was it you that did that to me? 
Why did you tell them that? 
You hold my back whilst I light streets strutting on shoes as tall as s scrapers
So long as they are taller than yours I think.
I am frightful that when you - the sun, hide behind this heavy rainfall
I might not shine anymore 
with out you I may be no more than a reflection 
of dollar signs and bleach brave arrogance 
beside the stars, 
the people might not see me so well.
You ask me: do I want that?
I need you. Thats what you say.
But you want me because I am free 
You need me because I am more than you 
I am something you can not understand 
bewilder at my eyes 
and wander around my feet asking 
What happens inside my mind.
with out you I may be darker
I may feel heavy in the day 
I may not shine out of the papers 
and glisten like a pop preen princess of the galaxy 
I may be further from this world 
I may not stand brighter than any other in the darkness of the skies 
But I will still be here 
And I will be free.